What Are The Chords For ‘Baby Baby’ By The Vibrators?

If you’ve ever found yourself jamming to the upbeat punk rock tunes of The Vibrators and wondered how to recreate that infectious energy on your own guitar, look no further! In this article, we’ll be sharing the chords for their iconic hit, ‘Baby Baby’. Get ready to strum along to this catchy track and bring a little bit of punk rock magic into your own musical repertoire.


Welcome to this comprehensive article about ‘Baby Baby’ by The Vibrators! In this article, we will explore the background and achievements of The Vibrators, dive into the song’s overview and popularity, provide the chords for the song, discuss the strumming pattern, offer tips for playing the song, explore cover versions and variations, and ultimately conclude with a summary of this delightful tune. So, grab your guitar, get ready to rock, and let’s get started!

The Vibrators

Background of The Vibrators

Formed in London in 1976, The Vibrators are a renowned punk rock band that emerged during the first wave of British punk. Their lineup originally consisted of Ian “Knox” Carnochan, John Ellis, Pat Collier, and John “Eddie” Edwards. With their energetic performances and rebellious spirit, The Vibrators quickly gained a following and made a name for themselves in the punk scene.

Achievements and Discography

The Vibrators have had a successful and enduring career, releasing numerous albums that gained recognition within the punk rock genre. Some of their notable works include the albums “Pure Mania” (1977), “V2” (1978), and “Energize” (2002). Their music has left a lasting impact on the punk rock landscape, influencing subsequent generations of musicians.

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The Song ‘Baby Baby’

Overview of the Song

One of The Vibrators’ most well-known tracks is ‘Baby Baby.’ Released in 1977, this catchy punk anthem captures the essence of the genre with its raw energy, powerful guitar riffs, and infectious melodies. The song showcases The Vibrators’ ability to craft memorable hooks and establish a unique sound within the punk rock realm.

Importance and Popularity

‘Baby Baby’ holds significant importance in punk rock history, as it not only solidified The Vibrators’ place in the genre but also became a cornerstone of their live shows. The song’s popularity continues to endure, with its infectious chorus and lively instrumentation appealing to both punk rock enthusiasts and fans of rock music in general.

Chords for ‘Baby Baby’

Key of the Song

The key of ‘Baby Baby’ is E major.

Verse Chords

The verse chords for ‘Baby Baby’ are E, A, B, and E.

Pre-Chorus Chords

The pre-chorus chords for ‘Baby Baby’ are A, E, B, A, E, and B.

Chorus Chords

The chorus chords for ‘Baby Baby’ are A, E, D, A, E, and B.

Bridge Chords

The bridge chords for ‘Baby Baby’ are E, D, A, and B.

Outro Chords

The outro chords for ‘Baby Baby’ are E and B.

Strumming Pattern

The strumming pattern for ‘Baby Baby’ is DDUUDDU. This pattern provides a dynamic and rhythmic foundation for the song, allowing you to capture the energetic spirit of The Vibrators’ performance.

Tips for Playing the Song

Proper Hand Placement

When playing ‘Baby Baby,’ ensure proper hand placement on the guitar fretboard. Maintain a relaxed grip on the neck and press the strings firmly against the frets to produce clear and crisp sounds. Practice transitioning between chords smoothly to enhance your playing skills.

Recommended Instrument

While any guitar can be used to play ‘Baby Baby,’ using an electric guitar can help capture the raw and edgy tone prevalent in The Vibrators’ music. Consider using a guitar with a versatile range of tones and a distortion pedal to achieve the desired punk rock sound.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid

When learning to play ‘Baby Baby,’ beginners often struggle with chord transitions and timing. To overcome this, practice the song at a slower tempo initially, gradually increasing the speed as you become more comfortable. Additionally, pay attention to strumming consistency to maintain the song’s energetic feel.

Cover Versions and Variations

Prominent Cover Versions

Over the years, many bands and artists have covered ‘Baby Baby’ by The Vibrators. Some notable cover versions include those by The Exploited, The Offspring, and MXPX. Each rendition brings its unique interpretation while paying homage to the original punk rock anthem.

Notable Variations

While ‘Baby Baby’ is primarily performed in a punk rock style, some artists have incorporated variations into their versions. These variations may include different tempos, altered arrangements, or even genre crossovers. These creative adaptations allow musicians to showcase their individuality while honoring The Vibrators’ iconic composition.


In conclusion, ‘Baby Baby’ by The Vibrators is a timeless punk rock anthem that continues to captivate audiences with its infectious energy and memorable melody. We explored the background and achievements of The Vibrators, delved into the song’s significance and popularity, and provided the chords and strumming pattern for aspiring musicians to learn and play. Additionally, we offered tips for playing the song effectively, discussed notable cover versions and variations, and ultimately celebrated the enduring legacy of this punk rock classic. So, whether you’re a fan of The Vibrators or simply enjoy a good punk rock tune, ‘Baby Baby’ is a must-listen and a joy to play. Rock on!